Specialists in performance catamarans.

Welcome to the Supercat Marine Website

Supercat Marine is a cutting edge boat builder, based in South Africa

Our boats are designed and manufactured to be incredibly fuel efficient,
with astounding comfort of ride,
and to have large open-plan fishing areas.

Supercat has manufactured over 1,000 boats since 1983. 

We currently have 4 models in production,
which can be seen below, by scrolling down.

We pride ourselves in our in-house, practical designs,
which can be

customized to suite your needs

We are able to offer custom once-off builds as an option for more custom
nature requirements and applications also.

Feel free to take a look around, and should any of our boats,
or designs, interest you, feel free to contact us.

Our Boat Range:

Supercat 38 Sport Custom

These boats are for the serious Gamefishing and/or Diving enthusiasts. Also for applications where people need to be transported.

With the custom nature of these boats, and the many many options to look at, these boats can be customized to suit your every need.

The preferred model of Charter Fishing / Diving Lodges and Operators, with their Low Hp Requirements, Excellent Fuel Economy, Large Deck Space and Smooth Ride.

Boat Drop UR Rods Fishing Supercat 38 Sport Custom
Boat Fishing Diving Cruising People Carrier Supercat Sliver 29

Supercat Sliver 29


The Sliver 29 is a real good looker, with all the right lines in the right places.

These boats are built from dedicated molds, so although there is less room for customization, their layout is a winning formula.

There are two versions of these boats, with the original being more oriented towards warmer conditions, with a very open plan layout, while the Version 2 is oriented towards colder conditions, where one is afforded more sheltered cockpit areas.

These boats run on really Small Outboards, have Amazing Fuel Economy, are extremely Comfortable Running and have practical, useable working areas.

Supercat MultiSport 590

The Multisport 590 is of those boats, which, once you have been for a ride on it, you think to yourself, there is “something special here !”

Having built over a 1,000 planing hull “skiboats” , all this technical knowledge gained, has all been thrown into one really amazing boat !!

The Hull is packed with performance and comfort features, resulting in a boat which feels like a Cadillac on the water, but can perform better than most of these seriously high powered Bass boats one sees.

2-up, with a Suzuki 140Hp  on the back, she can achieve upwards of 40knots (That’s 50mph or 75km/h)

This boat is the perfect platform for Offshore Fishing, Spearfishing, Flyfishing, Popping and Plugging, Diving, Waterskiing, Tubing, etc etc etc.

She is a All Rounder, without any of the compromises.

Boat Supercat 590 MultiSport fishing, diving, spearfishing, fly-fishing, water skiing, tubing, plugging Fast
Xplorer 550 Power Canoe Outboard Electric

Supercat Xplorer 550

The Xplorer 550 is a Power Canoe which can be loaded on the roof of a car, with an outboard of up to 8hp (or an electric motor) in the trunk.

Molded Inner and outer surfaces with molded non-slip, this is a canoe with a cut above the rest.

It allows one to explore the most difficult of waterways and fisheries.

Ideally suited for 2 x Adults and 2 x Kids


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