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Other Supercat Designs

Here at Supercat, we are constantly looking at new and innovative ideas to improve the quality, design and comfort of our boats. Some examples of new conceptual ideas for possible builds can be seen below.

50 Diamond

The ideal boat for Marine Wildlife Viewing / Day Trips / Ferry Applications / Fishing Charters.

Alternate versions available to suite different applications.

To be powered by twin 140 – 350Hp.

48 Sport Fisher

To be powered by twin 140 – 200hp.
6 ton gross weight
4 x double berths
24 – 27 knots
This design is intended for longer excursions
It has a dedicated galley area

48 Sport

This is a sport cruising model.
It has a dedicated galley area
The lower Driving station is raised for better visibility
There are large skylights over the 2 x forward double cabins, with access being directly from the bridge deck.
2 x more double cabins are situated in the hulls.
6 ton gross weight
To be powered by twin 140 – 200hp.
Speed estimated at 24-27 knots
Suitable for ocean cruising, diving, sport fishing etc.

56 Adventure

8 tons gross weight
Twin 200hp outboards.
Speed estimated at 24 – 27 knots
2 – 4 double berth options available.

36 Express

To be powered by twin 350hp outboards
Hydrofoil assisted hull (optional)
Intended for fast coastal cruising in fair weather.
4 tons gross weight

29 Express Cabin Cruiser

To be powered by twin 140hp outboards
Intended for Inland Waters / short distance coastal cruising in fair weather.
2,5 tons gross weight
1 x Double Berth
2 x 3/4 Berths

40 Bulldog Custom Sport

Intended for those who want to carry more weight (Upgrade from a 38 Sport Custom)
The weight carrying capacity increases from 5 ton to 7 ton
Also, the semi rectangular design allows for optional custom accommodation and seating arrangements
(Sleep up to 8)

44 Light

Designed to reduce weight, by reducing overall surface areas
Powered by twin 70Hp, up to twin 140Hp
Cruise Version excludes flybridge, while Charter versions includes Flybridge

Landing Craft Adventure

Cruiser landing craft custom designed for a potential buyer
who wanted to be able to take along
a vehicle, a jetski, a runabout and a caravan
Can be built to sizes 15m – 25m
Outboard or inboard powered

Ocean Capable Day Cruisers (Barges)

We are able to offer Sea Going, Full Displacement, Day Cruisers of 29, 38 and 50ft.
The ideal boats for use in and around Islands, Lagoons, Harbors, Bays and Estuaries with large deck areas, comfortable seating for many people, plenty of storage space and with a large roof for good shade.

The perfect option for People Ferrying, Day Excursions, General Fishing and Diving activities.

Raised deck for good water clearance.

67 Powercat

To be powered by twin 140hp – 350HP
Charter / Party / Cruise / Adventure Boat


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